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Promotional gifts Chako Zanzibar

CHAKO products have no less than 70% less CO2 emissions compared to newly produced glass from Europe. Do you want to use this glassware with impact in your (company) restaurant? Or as a gift for your relations or employees?

There are various options to personalize Chako Zanzibar items!
Consider applying (engraving) your own logo, printing the gift packaging or adding a personal message in the box (for example (Christmas) card, letter or brochure).

We also provide an impact sheet that clearly shows the sustainable/social impact you have made by choosing a gift from Chako Zanzibar. 

By choosing Chako Zanzibar you contribute to an opportunity for decent employment for women (and young people). Unfortunately, women's emancipation and gender equality are not on the daily agenda in Zanzibar. At Chako, with more than 60% female artisans in the team, they make a difference and impact!⁠

For example, the Chako Zanzibar glasses are also included in the ' Home Care Essentials box ' from ZustainaBox. ZustainaBox is an initiative of Manon van Leeuwen and is a box mission. A sustainable mission, that is. By surprising companies with a festively packaged box of Sustainable stuff that automatically makes you enthusiastic.

Are you looking for a promotional gift and would you like to know the options and associated (scaled) prices? Whatever your ideas, we would love to hear them via [email protected] or call 0031 411671853.

A festive box with beautiful products and stories in a chic jacket. Give your home a planet-friendly upgrade this holiday season. Spread the word. Spread the (planet) love!

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