Due to the summer season, the delivery time is temporarily 3 to 4 working days.

Due to the summer season, the delivery time is temporarily 3 to 4 working days.

Impact and local conditions

No children work in the factories and/or on work sites of the initiatives we work with. It may, however, happen that children help 'search' for the flip flops on the beaches.

The employment conditions for people at the African initiatives that Nic&Mic work with are far better than average. The standard is set very high.

Employees receive an above-average income with which they can support their families.

Meals are provided daily to all employees and a system has been set up which helps them to save money automatically.

We asked our colleagues in Kenya (Ocean Sole): what happens to all other plastic collected from the beach? Does it go to a waste management company?

There are certain plastics which can be recycled, such as bottle tops. We partner with organisations like EcoWorld in Watamu that recycle hard plastics. Most hard plastics are recycled.

Unfortunately, a large proportion of the other plastic, such as  single use plastic is brought to the government rubbish dumps and put into landfills. We don’t yet have the infrastructure in this country to deal with this other type of waste.

If required, we can prepare an Impact Report including various specifications, i.e. the number of flip flops, uniforms, jeans, wine bottles used ,the CO2 footprint, CO2 reduction/savings, kilos of waste processed and how many people have been provided with employment and earned a decent income as a result.

Over 50 % of the retail value of Ocean Sole sculptures remains in Kenya.

An Ocean Sole XL giraffe, incorporates over 40 washed-up flip flops and takes over 32 hours of work. An entire work week!

Ordering and payment

You can choose from the following payment methods:


- PayPal

- Bank transfer

If you choose a bank transfer, you can transfer the total amount to our account. You will immediately receive an e-mail with the order number and the total amount after placing your order. Our bank details are also in the e-mail.

Your order will be delivered to your home with a minimum costs of €4.95 within the Netherlands. Shipping abroad is no problem, but we do charge extra costs depending on the destination.

If you prefer to collect your order from our shop in Boxtel (NL), no shipping costs apply.

If the product doesn’t meet your expectation or if you prefer a different one, don't worry, we will take it back or swap it without any problems.

Please wrap the product in the packaging you received from us and include the return form. (see link below)

As soon as we receive the product, we will transfer the money back immediately or send you another item.
You are responsible for the shipping/postal cost of returning the product. If you want to swap something, we will make sure it is sent back to you free of charge.

Return form

Fill in the form as completely as possible and send your package to:

Kapelweg 6a
5281 LR Boxtel 
The Netherlands

We have an Upcycle Expo in Boxtel (Kapelweg 6a,The Netherlands) where you are always welcome to come and see all the Nic&Mic's items. Furthermore, you can find us at nicmic.nl, on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Nic&Mic gift voucher

Surprise your friends or family with a digital gift voucher from Nic&Mic!

The gift vouchers are available in varying amounts (€10 - €15 - €30 - €50 - €75 - €100).

After completing the order, you will receive a digital gift voucher by e-mail containing a personal code that can be redeemed in the webshop.

The Nic&Mic gift voucher can be redeemed in our webshop. Only one gift voucher can be used per order.

You can find the personal discount code on the digital gift voucher, please do not forget to enter your code when completing your order.

WhatsApp choice service

Many items at Nic&Mic are unique and handmade. To help you make a personal choice, we offer a WhatsApp choice service.

You will receive some pictures via WhatsApp within 24 hours (or the next working day) of your order.

This way you can choose your favorite item!

- Within 24 hours (or the next working day) you will receive a number of pictures with three different options of the item you have ordered.

- Pictures are sent via Whatsapp. Please enter a mobile number with Whatsapp when completing your order.

No problem. Send us an email or message with your mobile number and you can still use the WhatsApp choice service.

If we have not received a choice within 24 hours, we will make a choice for you, don't worry, they are all great!

Beanbag filling

You can order Ashanti Design's beanbags with or without.filling.

Nowadays, a lot of different (beanbag) fillings are offered, but many of these fillings are not nearly as comfortable and lose volume quickly.

We offer a filling made of BioFoampearls. These quality pearls have a longer lifespan than regular beanbag fillings, are fully biodegradable and Cradle2Cradle certified. The filling can be emptied into a green recycle bin when you no longer use the beanbag.

During production of BioFoampearls, 40% less CO2 is released than during the production of regular (polystyrene) beanbag filling. So you have a beanbag to relax in with peace of mind!

- 100% compostable and biodegradable filling, namely EPS-BioFoam beads
- 40% less CO2 emissions during production of this filling than of regular beanbag filling
- plastic-free production and packaging
- because of the pearls small size, many times more comfortable than regular beanbag filling


About Ocean Sole

A lot is achievable, would you like to surprise someone with a special and above all impactful gift? Custom made sculptures are certainly possible! Many 'Western' animals are not always as easy for our sculptors at Ocean Sole to design and make as the African animals, it therefore often takes a bit more preparation and production time.

All small and medium sculptures are made entirely from washed-up flip flops.

From size L onwards (increasing from XL, XXL, to masterpiece), the body is made from recycled insulation material, covered with glued on flip flops.

You can  read  how many flip flops are used for each Ocean Sole sculpture in our shop,

Kapelweg 6a
5281 LR Boxtel

[email protected]
+31 (0)411671853

Nic&Mic is a social enterprise, which means that - like any other enterprise - we market a product or service and we have a revenue model. However, making money is not our main goal; it is a means to fulfill our mission. A social enterprise strives to create social value, also known as "impact. We create impact in countries and regions that desperately need economic support.

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