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Who are we?

Nic&Mic stands for the brothers Nicholas and Michael Ninaber van Eijben. Michael came in to contact with Ocean Sole during an internship in Kenya in 2014. Nic&Mic was created through a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Nic&Mic has a small but powerful team! In our Upcycle Expo we work on our mission every day: cleaning up waste, making something beautiful out waste and ensuring continuity of improved employment for the makers. In essence: The Art of Upcycling!

Nic&Mic has now grown into an organization with a sustainable and social mission. The success formula with which Nic&Mic has put Ocean Sole on the map in the Netherlands and abroad, Nic&Mic now applies to several organizations. There are great partnerships with various organizations, such as Ashanti Design, ACT and Chako Zanzibar. made // Ocean

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