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Upcycled Uniform Backpack

Upcycling 200,000 uniforms is not something you can do easily, so we are asking for your help! We offer business customers the opportunity to go 'on a mission'. Are you ordering 25 backpacks or more? We will then personalize it and you will receive an ove

As a business customer you have the opportunity to go 'on a mission' with Nic&Mic. How? Are you ordering 25 backpacks or more? We then personalize the backpacks with your company logo and story and you will receive an overview of the impact you have made.

It is also possible to order matching upcycled laptop sleeves. You will receive the backpacks well before the holidays, so they are a wonderful gift for employees or relations!

Contact us for your customized quote via [email protected] or call 0031411671853 .

The Upcycled Uniform Backpack is a versatile and robust backpack with one large compartment and two smaller lockable pockets (one on the outside and one on the inside). The characteristic pockets come one-on-one from the trousers of the uniforms. Furthermore, the backpack has some fantastic features such as:

  • 85% recycled materials: 1 uniform and 1 jeans (incorporated into the lining to make the bag extra sturdy)
  • No toxic smoke clouds from combustion
  • Lower CO2 emissions through one-on-one reuse of materials
  • Good wages for ACT employees

The backpack is available in 2 colors: dark blue (Navy) and beige (Savanna)
The inside of every backpack is different, it is made of colorful Kitenge fabric and remains a surprise! :-)

Contents: 18 litres
Dimensions: 30 x 13 x 46 cm
Material: upcycled cotton and denim

The backpack is made from old worn uniforms, so there may be signs of wear here and there on the backpack.

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