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An informal, pleasant speaker who provides the complete picture

Do I create a third win? That is the question Nicholas asks himself. Does our company create added value for people and the environment? If not, we won't start.

In times of change you want to bind your stakeholders to you. As a speaker, Nicholas inspires your audience with a story about transforming challenges into opportunities, with innovation and (social) entrepreneurship central. He shares his mission and exciting experiences, from tackling sustainability issues and the plastic soup to promoting employment in Africa.


Trade Not Aid
Nicholas takes you to the thong-strewn beaches of Kenya. The artisans at Kenyan Ocean Sole upcycle these worn-out flip-flops into colorful works of art. A positive and accessible story about how local entrepreneurship makes the world a little more beautiful. A story that not only impresses 'people and planet', but also offers concrete insights about sustainability, crowdfunding and the importance of 'Trade not Aid'. Stakeholders, in all shapes and sizes, contribute to the well-being of your organization.

Reviews which makes you (and us) feel good!
Miriam Martens was working at SAP as an event manager when she saw Nicholas speak: “An inspiring speaker ensures a positive flow during your event. The topics of sustainability, fair trade & doing good are hot. Companies like to identify with this.”

“In an inspiring and provocative way, Nicholas provides insight into what drives him and how the projects to which Nic&Mic commits must always ensure 'the third win',” says Julian Streuper of AVEX. Bas op het Veldt, CEO of AFAS Software and a much sought-after speaker himself, reported you had me hanging on your every word and I am used to a lot of speakers” .

Knowing more?
If your company is looking for a sparkling speaker who knows how to touch a universal audience for an event, please feel free to contact us. Nicholas has a wealth of inspiring stories about innovation, creative entrepreneurship and sustainability.

Are you looking for a motivational speaker on topics such as sustainability, entrepreneurship in Kenya, crowdfunding or Trade not Aid? Then Nicholas is an informal, pleasant speaker who provides the complete picture and more importantly: experience!

Are you curious about the possibilities? Contact [email protected] or call 0031411671853 .

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