Par Nic&Mic, 1 juin 2022

Ocean Sole Flip Flop Tree

While reading this you are very likely holding a very special little tree - an Acacia tree made by Ocean Sole from old flip flops, especially designed for Ketjen! 

Ocean Sole (Kenya) cleans up beaches and gathers flip flops that have washed ashore. In their workshop, the flip flops are upcycled into remarkable objects! Flip flop are the world's most worn footwear, especially in developing countries. Many discarded flip flops end up in nature and the oceans due to an underdeveloped waste management system.

The Acacia tree you are holding is made out of 4 flip flops. With this, a total of 2 kilograms of plastic waste was removed from beaches and well paid employment is provided to Kenyan artisans with which they can support their families.

On top of all this impact, there is more. Artisans working at Ocean Sole used to use wood for their carvings. Now those trees that were chopped down for woodcarvings, can be left alone and help absorbed Co2 from our atmosphere.

Would you like to know more about Ocean Sole? Read all about it on this page

We would like to thank our Sole Mate Ketjenfor working with us and creating this positive impact!



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