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Large Ocean Sole images

A large Ocean Sole statue is a colorful eye-catcher for any interior! Each sculpture is made entirely by hand by one Ocean Sole artist. This makes each statue a distinct and unique work of art.
Large Ocean Sole images

Collection Ocean Sole large

Ocean Sole's artists create sculptures ranging from toy-sized to life-sized. Craftsmanship and good teamwork are needed to create such a great works of art. Unlike the small and medium sculptures, the large sculptures are not made entirely of flip flops. Recycled insulating foam forms the body of the sculpture. The flip flops are glued to this. Then the artists cut out the shape of the animal by hand.

Unique addition

Even more than the small and medium figurines, the large statues complement each other very well because each has a unique personality and all have different shapes and expressions.  These statues are often personally selected by customers at the Nic&Mic warehouse in Boxtel, but if you cannot select in Boxtel, we will take very clear and detailed photos so that a good choice can also be made online. We will take great care with the packaging and shipment to ensure safe arrival to the new 'owner'!

If you still cannot picture a Large Ocean Sole statue in your interior or are looking for inspiration, then take a look at our inspiration page full of tips and trends

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