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Medium Ocean Sole figurines

With a medium image of Ocean Sole you literally get more 'slippers' at home! On average, a medium image consists of 7 to 9 flip flops. In this collection we have a varied selection of savannah animals and marine animals!
Ocean Sole  Blue Whale Medium
Blue Whale Medium
€29,50 €19,50
Ocean Sole  Giraffe set of 3
Giraffe set of 3
€121,50 €109,50

Medium Ocean Sole figurines

Collection Ocean Sole Medium

The collection of Medium images is very diverse and consists of the famous animals of the Savannah and Ocean. A medium image is made from around 7 to 9 flip flops and solid inside.

By first punching out the flip flops with a punching machine and then gluing them into blocks, the artists can then cut the exact shape. One more colorful than the other and you will be so amazed by the diversity of color combinations that it is almost impossible to choose!