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Upcycled fabrics from Ashanti Design

With the South African Ashanti Design the upcycling process begins! They buy off-cuts from the clothing factories and weave these fabrics into quality textiles. From the pieces of upcycled fabric, bean bags, bags and other colorful accessories are made.
Taba Tote
Ashanti Design Ashanti Clutch
Ashanti Clutch
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Upcycled fabrics from Ashanti Design

Ashanti Design bean bags: circular without plastic

The filling of a regular beanbag consists of an enormous amount of plastic, the well-known plastic polystyrene balls. Plastic isn't fantastic , so Nic & Mic does not participate! Every Ashanti beanbag is therefore filled with circular BioFoam pearls. This gives the beanbag an extremely soft seat and a longer lifespan. Once you've tried an AshantiDesign beanbag, you won't want anything else! It will be the place to chill with a book or to recover from the day with your favorite drink.

Handmade and unique bags and bean bags

Ashanti Design and Nic & Mic consider it important to increase the livelihood of all employees and to make a positive 'Afronomical' contribution. From artisans to transport partners and manufacturers, the Ashanti team is completely African. In the South African countryside, the cotton is woven into quality cotton. The 100% handmade bean bags, pillows and bags come in different designs and sizes. Do you like bright colors or a quiet pastel tone, no problem! Ordering is easy and through the Nic & Mic choice service you always choose your favorite 'Ashanti'!

Fast fashion clothing industry and the importance of upcycling


Billions of items of clothing come on the market every year! Clothing is not only becoming more, it is also becoming cheaper. Every year a Dutchman buys an average of 46 items of clothing, shoes and accessories. Our wardrobes are getting fuller, with an average of 173 items! Never before has so much clothing been purchased as it is now, and never before have we thrown it away so quickly.

What happens to all these discarded clothing?

  • A large part is collected and exported to India, Pakistan and Tanzania or is burned
  • 13% is downcycled to cleaning cloths, insulation or filling material
  • New clothing is made from less than 1% (upcycling)


By buying an Ashanti Design beanbag, bag or accessory, you not only have your own one-of-a-kind eye-catcher, but you also immediately make a statement towards the clothing industry and create awareness about the ever-growing fast fashion -issue.